Kanye west’s disclosure on social media in 2016 in which he stated that he had acquired debts in the sum of fifty three million dollars created alot of talk on just how much the hip hop cash king is worth.
Now Kanye has a reported net worth of one hundred and fourty five million dollars which is alot of improvement in relation to 2016. Having twenty one Grammy awards to his name and hits all over the world.
Kanye has amassed this great net worth by diving into alot of ventures, let’s have a look at some of them and how this hip hop titan built his fortune.
Kanye’s Music Journey
From his debut on the music scene in 2004 with the college dropout he has proven to be a huge hit in the music industry. By the album the life of Pablo Kanye hit eight platinum albums , he also has twenty one grammys to his name with massive sales of over thirty million albums sold these achievements helped in solidifying his place among the best of the game.
With features and collaborations with various top players in the music industry Kanye has definitely earned his fame. These achievements in his music journey have definitely played a huge role in his net worth.
Music Producer
Kanye not only showcased his talent on the stage but displayed his ambidextrous nature behind the mic when a part of the hip hop giant Jay Zs record label, this enabled him to produce for various artists including Jay Z and also Alicia Keys, after some years Kanye went further to create his own label.
Real Estate
Venturing into real estate has enhanced Kanye’s net worth by a fortune with properties in New York, Paris and California playing a huge role in his fortune. With each of these properties worth over a million pounds this is certainly another area of massive inflow of fortune to the artist.
Having worked with top notch designers for years, he created his fashion line in association with Adidas in a deal which was worth ten million dollars and since his debut in 2015 at the fashion week in New York his fashion line has seen remarkable annual profits. This has been a major booster of Kanye’s net worth as the collaborations made by yeezy, Kanye’s fashion line has helped it hold it’s own on the fashion scene
Kanye has proven himself to be a man ambidextrous in nature being celebrated in music as a success bagging over twenty one grammys and producing hits for giants in the music game to investments in real estate and to the eccentric world of fashion and this has played a major role in his massive net worth of one hundred and fourty five million dollars.
He definitely seems to excel at whatever he does and blends right into every niche like he was born to do it, these qualities have helped him in overcoming his debts as of 2016 and amassing such huge sums over the years.